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Loss Prevention and Life Safety Consulting
Theft, fraud and simple inattention to basic procedures create losses for all companies in every industry. Most companies manage these losses as a part of the cost of doing business and only address specific problems as they arise. Taking a proactive stance by identifying the root cause of losses and eliminating the opportunity for them to occur can be the quickest way for a company to improve its bottom line.

Risk Management
With the current high global terrorist threat level, it is vital for hotels to ensure that they, as much as possible, provide a safe and secure environment for their guests and associates. In addition to the terrorist threat there are the on-going risks associated with hotel crime.

Security Risk Surveys
WJM Enterprises can conduct a systematic overview of your hotel’s existing operations and systems, seeking vulnerabilities and an understanding of the true cause of losses as well as procedural lapses that may contribute to a pattern of losses. Our recommendations are prioritized and structured so that our clients can perform ongoing monitoring and adjustment to ensure long term success. We can assist in reviewing your security and safety programs and provide insight to lessen your liability exposure. We can set up your security program, evaluate property security, prepare security manuals, provide employee training, and providing you with a range of possible solutions. Post survey we can advise you on the installation of alarm systems, closed circuit television access control anti terrorist precautions.

Security and Bomb Threat Manuals

Complimentary to carrying out risk surveys we can produce comprehensive security and bomb threat manuals. These manuals can be designed individually to form part of your hotel operations manual. We are also prepared to act as an in-house security or loss prevention department on an outsourced or co-sourced basis.
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